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Pubg at 144 FPS in ASUS ROG 3

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Today I watched some of videos I found pubg can run maximum resolution of our display , asus rog 3 support 144hz so I just make a try if it Yes 144 fps is working superb can't explain the feeling of playing at 144 fps pubg


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I have the same problem too. It doesn't work after the update.

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Worked for me , thanks 😀😀😀

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I have done exactly what's described but im still stuck at 90fps. ROG 2 user. Pasted config folder in Shaders folders and cleared cache, display is also at 120fps but when i open my Pubg KR version 1.3 its still giving me 90fps in realtime fps data.
Can anyone please tell what else can i do?
Really wanted to try 120fps. 🙏

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Well I followed the steps and yes the device can achieve 144fps with screen set to 144hz. It's buttery smooth.



It fluctuates in between 123-144fps. But the experience was great. Thanks brother for the info.

If anyone still couldn't understand the steps, let me break it down.

(Turn off anti-aliasing)

1. Download the config file.

If you don't have the link, https://drive(dot)

(Replace (dot) with .)

2. After downloading the file extract it. The inbuilt file manager doesn't support the extraction of .rar file. Install RAR application from playstore and extract it. It'll ask for the password. Password is NERO888

3. After extraction copy the config file into

-> if you have pubg mobile KR version, android-> data->com.pubg.krmobile->files->UE4game->ShadowTrackersExtra->ShadowTrackersExtra (paste it here)

-> if you have pubg mobile global version, android-> data->com.tencent.ig->files->UE4game->ShadowTrackersExtra->ShadowTrackersExtra (paste it here)

4. Clear the cache if the game.

5. Set the refresh rate of display to 144hz. (Settings->display->Refresh Rate->select 144Hz. If you have unlocked 160hz, you can select it too.

6. If you feel 144hz is too smooth you can select 120 or 90 accordingly. The FPS will be restricted to that only.

7. Open the game and enjoy.

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I did exactly the same but still getting 90fps in ROG 2 Pubg KR version 1.3 .. Please tell me what to do.. 😭🤕🙏

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I did exactly the same but still getting 90fps in ROG 2 Pubg KR version 1.3 .. Please tell me what to do.. 😭🤕🙏

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It's patched in 1.3. It doesn't work anymore with 1.3 I guess.