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No Blue LED Notification

Star III
Hi, I already asked this in a few places but I didn't get a response. Any response would be helpful.
What happened was my colleague spilled coffee on my phone, and I worry that the coffee may have gotten into the speaker grill. I noticed the notification LED pulsed yellow a few times. Feeling worried, I downloaded a LED tester program and found that the notification LED could not show blue.
Can the notification LED show blue? I want to send my phone in to repair but I don't know if the LED is working as intended.
Model: ROG Phone 3 ASUS_1003D
Firmware version: RKQ1.200710.002.WW_Phone-18.0410.2111.182
Rooted or not: Not rooted
Frequenct of Occurrence: N/A
App Name: LED Color Tester 2.0
As mentioned above, I already tried a notification LED tester I found on the app store. I also entered diagnostic mode by pressing .12345+= in calculator, but there is no Notification LED test option in there strangely enough. However I tested everything else and everything checks out okay.
I also already tried googling for an answer but cannot find any conclusive statement about the notification LED.
Please help.



Community Legend III
@RAMChYLD No need to send your device away, blue is indeed not a color that can be displayed with the notification LED. 🙂