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Little "love letter" for the Rog 3 and ASUS community staff

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After all the negativity and such I thought I might actually spread a little positivity here by writing up this little "love letter" if you will.
Lets start with the mods here, honestly you're trying to be as active as possible and do your best by being professional, despite sometimes encountering very hard to deal people you still take your time and support as best as you can. So huge props for your work.
The devs also do some work fixing things and I'm sure you do your best, I can absolutely relate as a fellow software engineer that, sometimes you want to get things done but the management might steer your into a direction you never wanted to head. I assume you are a rather small team working on several devices so keep on working and don't let the pressure get to you.
Also for the Rog 3 phone,
Well it's honestly the "perfect" phone imho. The rog 3 is extremely durable and has the perfect design a phone can have, not over the top, sturdy and very sufficient cooling. To add to the very sturdy exterior we have a cherry picked snapdragon 865+, with some undervolting this chip is ridicolously efficient maintaining full performance even under heavy to run games like genshin imapct without having to use the active cooler, which also allows for very good battery life. On light usage the phone can last up to 6 days without seeing a charger and that is just incredible. The audio impressed me to the point I started using my phone for things that I never have been using my phone before, when cooking food I would turn on spotify or the radio to listen to the amazing speakers giving proper sound quality and volume. Also having features such as dual wifi making it possible for me to use the phone as a wifi extender is quite amazing. The display is quite nice, having deep blacks, nice color production and fast response times for a very comfy game experience, altho this has to be fixed yet by software to get the true picture quality of the screen. The next big thing is the very nice software that is being delivered with the phone, having the ability to change your hardware's boosting behavior in games is a massive plus which can make more lightweight games use less ressources and give the user a longer gaming time, not to mention the amazing battery life extensionsoftware that allows us to enjoy our phone longer without having to replace battery. Then there is repairability, and this is the biggest reason why i switched from the Razer Phone, alongside the durability of course, to the Rog3, the availability of spare parts and the repairability of the Rog3 while not perfect, is still very doable for the people who know how to take a phone apart, which is a massive plus for a person like me who like to swap out the battery for himself. Overall I have no real complaints about the phone and love it. To bad the Rog5 was rushed and super badly designed, but given the SD 888 being basicially the SD 810 all over again, I'm not surpirised that the phone would probably suck. It's not benchmark numbers or raw performance that makes a gaming phone nice, it's the gaming experience and gaming time that makes a gaming phone truly great, which has been nailed on the Rog 3.

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Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 I'm going to close this thread however, since the first couple of replies (now deleted) tells me it will primarily act as bait for the trolls.
Friendly reminder to everyone on Zentalk to keep discussions on-topic and that posts that go against our community rules will be deleted. Thanks!