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I need jio 5G update for rog 3 phone

Star II

I need 5G software update for rog 3 phone


Those who are not getting their 5G network report it too Flipkart they will help you because I got refund of my phone after 1 year from Flipkart ✌🏻

Rising Star II

Jio 5G is working. You need to turn on SA mode. I don't know if latest firmware update is a requirement but you should update nonetheless. Network is rather patchy though, so you might want to switch to 5G only ahen you going to stay at the same place for some time.

(device rog 3) I am still not getting jio 5g. I have turned on SA mode too. But it still showing to turned on 5g settings on jio app but i have done everything. 

bro your place do have jio 5g please can you check first think 🤔.......

Bro your place have 5g network then after you have to go sim settings......I  sent my network settings screen shot........can you setup this type.......🙂

I turn on the settings that you do in screen shot but I still don't get jio 5g , instead i got jio 4g+ , can you tell me what went wrong