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Service rog phone 3

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Hello, ever since I bought the rog phone 3 I am facing the same problem with the signal when I insert a sim card, after a while the signal is lost. and if I restart I have a signal again and then the signal will be lost and it will automatically restart again by itself. if I don't insert a sim card at all, everything works normally. I want you to fix my problem, I've been dealing with it for years. thanks in advance!!


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Hi There, it maybe your sim card issue. Did you tried replacement of sim card. Sometimes sim card get worn out.

Hey @Mafios 


We're so sorry to hear about this. Have you tried to use the SIM card with another phone to verify that it's working correctly? Also, if you have another SIM card available, can you test if the issue persists with the new SIM card?


Thank you! 

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and of course I've had the phone for two years, I tried all the operators in my country and the sim worked perfectly. it seems that it is entirely due to software when I restart I have a signal after a while it disappears if it is not lost and poster alone the phone will reboot. if I don't have a sim at all and if there is a sim the sign goes away then the phone works perfectly!!

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