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Audio glitch while gaming - PUBGm

Star I

1. ROG Phone 3 strix edition


5.PUBG Mobile



Im playing with wired headphones since couple of days ago when i turn on my mic in game to speak with teammates game sound getting lower. When turn off the mic game sound is back to normal. With mic on when i want to volume up with physical buttons i can volume up only my teammates voices. When mic is turned off i can volum up and down the game sound.

And this is from just couple of days, the days before was not like that. I was able to volume up and down both, game sound and teammates voice. I think now when the mic is on the phone is going to call mode and giving priority to teammates voices.


Star II

Restart the game. It's a game issue not from the phone. Try to uninstall the game and reinstall it. It should fix it until they place an update of the game