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Google Pay not working after latest update

Star II
After updating today the phone no longer meets Google Play Security Certification and GPay refuses to work.
It worked just fine prior to updating. Resetting Play Store or GPay doesn't fix it.
Edit: The Certification is still there in my settings so in theory it should still work but can't reinstall the GPay app or Play Store. Avoiding factory reset would be preferable.

Edit 2: Contacted Google and they say it's on your end to fix the firmware and meet security standards so that was a dead end.

Community Legend III
@Syn Could be CTS sync delay. Try again in 24 hours and if it doesn't work - mention me in this thread and we'll investigate further.

Same problem this morning in Italy. Really embarrassing having a +1000€ phone not be able to pay. Hope it's for CTS delay. Asus should have thought about GPay when updating

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please fix the same problem for me ... before it went without any problems

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@Gustav_ASUS issue persists today as well