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Does this Phone even support VoLTE in Germany?? Because I never had the Option listed.

Rising Star I
I contacted my Provider (o2) and they told me, that VoLTE is activated in my contract,
but I never had the Option listed in the Settings, it didn't mather which Android Version I had or now have.
Also every time I'm calling someone my 5G Network decreases to Edge Network and my Call Quality isn't very good. I even can't use the Internet while having a regular Phone Call.
FB Messenger Calls or WhatsApp Calls are far superior when it comes to the Quality, but I also know that this Calls are running through the LTE/5G Network like a regular VoLTE Call.
Is this normal here in Germany ( Europe ) ??
Does my Provider o2 offer VoLTE, but not for Asus Phones here in Germany?
I would appreciate any further information and thanking in advanced.


It might be that just that phone is not on their VoLTE list, we are constantly working with several service providers to bring VoLTE to as many devices as possible.

Rising Star II
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