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Camera error (Camera is not Ready, Please Try Again Later)

Star II
Please help, i cant use my camera on rog phone 3, it says "camera is not ready, please try again later". I'm also can't use the flashlight because of it, there is a text under the flashlight icon that said "camera in use" i got frustrated, i dont know how to fix it please help!

Zen Master II
Try to reset your phone

Bull**bleep**! this is bogus advise. reset phone, safe mode, clear cache... known **bleep**ty hardware failure across many ASUS phone models.

I've had 5 of these. I work at Qualcomm. They gave us these as part of a trial to test the snapdragon 8 chipset transceiver.  Happy to be a guinea pig (especially to test free new tech) but it's been such a hassle. There are two major common hardware failures. Every single device that I, or anyone I know in the program has eventually faced a UI crash where call audio, bluetooth, speakers (all sound crashes), or the other common failure: The camera stops working, "ERROR: Camera is not ready. Please try again later." This camera error is a very common complaint from what I see on this forum and others (reddit, xda, etc.) There are hundreds of angry Asus phone customers reporting this issue. Not just this model. Other device models as well including mine (the snapdragon insiders "flagship" device).  All these useless steps yield no results. Asus must know this is a common hardware failure and is acting ignorant, hiding behind the expired warranty excuse.
For a lot less $$$ with better features and latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, I recommend Motorola Edge+ 2023 for $799. Avoid these Asus phones at all cost from now on.

Hello, this thread has been previously closed and dates back to 2021. Please submit a new post regarding your experience/issues. 

you could just offer a legitimate solution. this is a known issue. you're going to choose to hide behind the rules of posting and replying to threads in a proper manner? Your role here is useless. This company wastes money on manpower to moderate message boards, close inactive threads, ask the same old troubleshooting questions that don't ever fix the known issues, and tell people to create new threads.