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Asus rog phone 3

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DO NOT A ROG PHONE 3 in Australia. It's official rog phone 3 dose not even work in Australia anymore no volte settings on any network in Australia this doesn't even work in 5g standalone dose not even ring out I had tested it on Tesla and Optus and Vodafonei was told the volte settings are not supported on Vodafone but when I asked what about Optus or Tesla asus member who replied about the other message did not even reply to may message it's because they knew they would stop working in Australia it seems like they knew this because there is multiple people asking for volite settings in Australia so they knew for a fact that we needed them settings every single phone company has volite settings in Australia so why can't I activate them even now every company supports it you still get it blacked out but they didn't care Because they knew they could get away with it because it's three years old this phone should still work in Australia and it shouldn't matter how old it is it was sold as a 5G phone that would work here we should make a class suit for everyone who has this phone in Australia for not allowing us to have the vol-lite settings because we are suppose to have in our phones. Class action lawsuit against JB Hi-Fi or asus themselves for how expensive this phone was and people are trying to sell them 700 still. it shouldn't be a paperweight because that's all you can use it for nowadays 


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Telstra is the last carrier left, 3G gets shut off at the end of June. I've got a support ticket in the works with ASUS support that has apparently been escalated. Waiting to see what happens.

Blah blah Zenfone 8 Vodafone VoLTE blah blah was the first few closed responses. I've spent the last week reopening it trying to explain that VoLTE is no longer an optional selling point to drive sales to a specific carrier and that I'd basically have a $1700 brick come July that's when the support agent said he was escalating.

I had my first one a few years ago and they won't do anything about it and optus is the last one because it is going off in September 2024 I have seen other people asking Asus when the rog phone 3 will have the update and they said there wasn't any for Australia whatsoever that was a few years ago now it's because it's 3 years old now 

As if volte isn't every country has to have it now day so that doesn't make any sense because of 4g and 5g being faster lol it's not I have problems use it in 5g 

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All we can do is keep pestering directly, I guess, not sure the forum is all that moderated. Given how many of your threads I've seen your name pop up in happen to be closed. Mines a ROG Phone 2, which is kind of nuts that it only comes in LTE because the Snapdragon 855+ actually has the hardware support for 5G. More so when it doesn't even take full advantage of LTE as we are all complaining about.