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Android accessibility suite

Rising Star II
Hello guys, any idea how to make select to speak/magnification in android accessibility work ? Its there in the settings... But even though I turned it on its not working. Even tried in safe mode. Please help.

Hi, have tried both the feature. It works without any issue.
Can you screen record and share so that I can guide accordingly?

Rising Star II
Never mind. Thank you for the response. As of now I ckeares my cache and uninstalled and reinstalled Android accessories suite from play store and it's working fine. Than you mod.
I know its not the right thread but if possible please just fix these 3 issues for rog 3. Otherwise a perfect device. Please focus on these 3 and fix them without any further associated new bugs with those fixes.
1. Loss of amoled contrast at high brightness irrespective of refresh rate. Also the black crush thing.
2. Refresh rate sometimes gets locked at 120 hz without user request and can't be changed. Settings is grayed out.
3. Asus launcher keeps stopping pop up when coming/switching to home screen from any games.
If possible update the camera quality too. Thats just alll... everything else is perfect.