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About the navigation bar

Star III
This isn't any sort of issue but would be good to have an option
Please add a toggle to hide the navigation bar from the screen
It would just look so good without the bar at the bottom
Other OEM's let you hide the navigation bar, why not Asus, you guys have this option in your cn rom but not in ww rom, this bugs me!!
@Mattias_ASUS I'm just tagging you because you seem to reply frequently and are actively trying to help out in all discussions and I appreciate it
Please try to reach out to the team with this small thing

Star II
I agree. Give the opportunity to remove the bottom strip of gestures!

Star II
Listen to the user, Asus!!

Rising Star II
Yes we want this feature..CN rom already has this feature we also want this!

Star III
@Mattias_ASUS @Titan_ASUS I'm expecting a reply from your side
And there is no clear reply from the team whether we are getting dynamic theming in r3 and r5