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ZenWifi XT8 Ax6600 Node disconnect all the time

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System: ZenWifi ZT8 AX6600
Battery or AC: AC
Model: ZenWifi XT8 AX660
Frequency of occurrence: every 1-2 hours
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I setup ZenWifi few days ago. Zenwifi router has cable linked to my AT&T modem router. The node was paired no issue and I moved the node to my bedroom (about 45 ft away from the ZenWifi Router ). After power on and sync, the light turns white, showed great connection and running ok at the beginning. I connect the node to my laptop via ethernet cable. I also connect phone and ipad via wireless wifi. The problem is, the node will frequently tunes off - the power is still on, but the light index become flashing bluelight and showed "offline" status on the Asus Router app and "no connectivity" on the Router account, then my laptop cable internet stop. I will have to power on-off the node., then it will come back to white light and work normal for a while, then offline again. it can happen many times a day, seems happen every time if I leave not using internet for short time ( < 1 hour) ... it goes off by itself and not coming back.