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ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT switch on failure: black (no display) screen, persistent green LED ON

System: Windows 10 Enterprise
Battery or AC: Both on Battery and Connected to AC Power
Model: ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT
Frequency of occurrence: Once just observed today 3 October 2021
Reset OS: No reset OS yet
Screenshot or video: Available to attached.
Detailed description: Bought mine in 2021-02-10, and every few months after turning my PC (HP Probook 640 G4 Core i5 Gen 8, USB-C DP, but effect PC independent) off the next day the display keeps showing the green Power LED but no chance to switch it back on, with or without any PC attached, USB-C or Mini-HDMI. I tried combination of both plugged in or using USB-A converter, HDMI port etc, no positive results (very frustating)
Battery presumably still showing 90+% however despite many attempts pressing the Power button nothing could power up the display or change the LED colour and keeps on Green never turns Red or Blud something is very not right and do not know what's the solution to this case. Read one of few discussion mentioned that only one solution is to disconnect the screen and leave it for SEVERAL DAYS (!!!). This happened already a few times, every 1-2 months. Even after self-healing = display power LED is getting blue, screen shows picture, the battery level is still showing about 100 %.
Please provide a corrected firmware because this already happens once today so not sure if this will be frequent occurrences to this screen. Why this has happened it is only 8 months of usage and today (3 October 2021) the Power Green keeps ON but Black Display.
How's the best solution to rectify this issues??
The LED colour is Green
Direct USB-C DP connected still no display (keeps on black)
USB C connected to the display Zenscreen and also plug mini HDMI to HDMI port as spare but on this case it has been disconnected.
Need your solution how to solve this issues and may be too inconvenient to bring it to Service Centre in Indonesia.

No worries Mate we will let you know if any other technical issues. Just a quick question what is the required Wattage to charge and use the screen using the type C DP cable? Sometimes the battery slowly drains although I connect the Type C to my C Port on laptop. Please advise. Thank you.

Community Legend II
Hi there,
18W. This model support fast charging, so you can use the original cable and adapter to charge the monitor when you are not using it to charge it quickly.
Thank you.

Hi Blake, thank you for the reply and information. So what are the best practice because I use the extended monitor as permanent monitor to work at home during work from home. And both laptop and the screen are always on at least 8 hour/day for continuous work. So I plug the Type C from the screen to my laptop type C port along with other docking hub power up from the same source. Turns out the screen although status charging but unable to maintain the 100% capacity and after 6 hours become 20%. Secondly I don't get the charging adaptor from the packaging only screen, display cable type C, HDMI cable and the stylus pen. Please clarify.
If I use the monitor continuously should I use the type C display cable or use the HDMI cable to plug onto my laptop?
Please advice the best practice for longer endurance use. Thank you.

Community Legend II
Hi there,
you can see this monitor as a bigger phone on the charging aspect.
you can charge and use it at the same time. But if it is really a good way in the long run, hard to say.
If you don't have the adapter, it's fine, you can use any other. 18W would be similar to a phone adapter.
It dose not make big difference between plug in to Type C or HDMI.
Thank you.

Hi Blake, again appreciate your good respond on this. The fact is I am using a Docking from Baseus for 16 ports connection so that I don't have to plug many usb peripherals directly to my laptop. So the Type C PD from the docking directly connect to my laptop and with the help of external adaptor from the Baseus Docking port. The case is that when I plug in the Type C display cable to my docking port (type C) then turn on Charging for the screen, it seems the monitor has been withdrawing more power as the extended display keep blinking and unstable. The adaptor from Baseus is rated for 20W however I plug many peripherals onto this docking such my 1Tb HDD drive, iPhone cable to charge my phone and type C cable to charge my other mobile phone and also mouse receiver usb. Is this common
The reason for setting up like this so that if I happen to be on the road I only unplug the PD Type C cable as source to the docking Baseus. If I need additional charger please advise if 65W adaptor head would be suitable to power up the docking as well as charging the extended monitor?