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Where is xmp for fx506he?

Star I

I had 2*8 gb of ram 3200mhz, upgraded to 2*16 gb of 3200, but since i checked cpu-z, task manager etc, i saw 2 things
1) timings are wrong
2) its not 3200 but 2667 mhz instead of 3200
On my pc with asus motherboard i used to just turn on xmp profile, but i couldnt find it on my laptop, so there is few question.
How could i get my normal timings and frequency?
How to turn on AI tweaker in uefi?

i nought this RAM
first  timing should be 16
but here screenshot from cpu-z (1)



The options in the laptop's BIOS settings may not be identical to those found in the motherboard's BIOS settings. If you cannot find a specific option, it means that the option is not available for configuration on your laptop. If you are experiencing frequency error issues after upgrading the memory, we recommend checking if your BIOS version is up to date and ensuring that you are using the latest version of CPU-Z. If the installed memory is still not functioning properly, it may indicate a compatibility issue between the memory and the laptop. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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