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Mesh node keeps restarting

System: ZenWifi XT8 (duo pack)
Battery or AC: AC
Model: ZenWifi XT8
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: n/a
Screenshot or video: n/a
Detailed description:
I have bought a ZenWifi XT8 (duo-pack). I unpacked it and setup the router and node (mesh mode) using the web-gui (following all steps to the spot), but after the setup the node unit keeps restarting and is not working:
starts up, led is pulsing green
then blinks blue for a minute
then turn to white color for about 1-2 seconds
then restarts, starting over at step 1
I have also tried setting them up using the mobile app but the mesh node unit still has the same problem.

Extra info:
Both units are updated to the latest firmware.
Both units are "reset" to factory settings.
Both units work fine if they are setup as separate standalone routers.
Both units have the same problem if they are setup as a mesh node.

I am about to return the purchase as damaged goods and go for the Orbis mesh instead, but besfore that I thought I'd give this forum a try, by asking for help.