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Laptop suddenly stopped working!

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Model: ZC550KL(Max)
Firmware/APP Version: Laptop suddenly stopped working!
Frequency of Occurrence: Laptop suddenly stopped working!
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by madyamkasongs on 2020/3/3 10:13 I was watching YouTube until the laptop suddenly went off and showed a blue screen with a 😞 face, it displayed "stop code: memory management"It went onto Automatic Repair, after this finished the screen remained black with only the mouse pointer being visible. After turning it off and back on again it did the same thing again.I took out the screws at the back and watched a YouTube video on how to remove the battery. For some reason, I couldn't find the power button when I took off the keyboard, so I took off the battery and connected the keyboard and put it back on. I held the power button for 60 secs and put the battery back in and put everything back together. Now if I try turning it on the bulb light on the side lights up and if I try charging it, the battery light on the side works too. The battery has been working perfectly, no issues before this happened. I tried leaving it like that to see if the battery is drained overnight but the light is still on when I woke up this morning.Apparently people have had the same thing happening to them afteusps tracking showbox speed test

Last edited by garciaerin2020 on 2020/3/7 09:07 I have done this so many time, i really understand your position. talktosonic