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G14 Model in germany on, cannot find the model number anywhere, does it have mini led?

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I am trying to buy a g14 laptop, but I only want one with the mini led screens. has a laptop, but in the description says ips, but in the details says mini-led. I have searched asus websites everywhere for the model number but cannot find it. Would anyone be able to confirm this for me? The number is 


and the link is


Thank you in advance! 



It seems that the shopping website you mentioned is from Germany. To inquire about our official website in Germany, the model available locally is "GA402XI-N2022X," and it features an IPS screen. Since the selling website is not affiliated with us, if you have any doubts about the specifications listed on that website, we recommend contacting the website directly for clarification. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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Community Manager
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