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Star II
System: Windows 10 Pro 2004
Battery or AC: ADP-180UB B
Model: FX505DU-BQ038
Frequency of occurrence: 1-2 times per day
Reset OS: YES
Screenshot or video: -
Detailed description:
Hi everyone!
As the title says, my 6 months old pc has this issue that it's randomly (while gaming or watching videos on youtube etc.) stuttering. In games, the display stuttering for 1-2 seconds and sound at that moment becomes like a slow motion audio. Same thing happens while watching videos. Also, when I'm only reading on websites, sometimes I can see that my mouse cursor moves slowly,like low fps, so it's not happening only while gaming or watching videos.
Both Asus's and AMD-Nvidia 's display drivers have tested. Problem still occurs.
16gb single channel RAM tested with Memtest86, no errors.
Temperatures seem OK, as I mentioned problem doesn't only occur at heavy load. So, I don't think it's an overheating issue.
I started to suspect about my ac adapter, can it cause a problem like this? What are your opinions and suggestions?
Thank you.

Zen Master I
I am using same dch driver 445.78 ,no shuttering in audio and videos.
You try to download additional video audio codecs which embedded in KLITE codec software. Install it

Star II
Thanks for your quick responses.
Do you have the same notebook, the fx505? if so, what driver do you use for amd?
And no, I haven't downloaded any codec or something.

Zen Master I
No I am having different model.
I have normal gaming laptop vivobook 15 R542UQ-DM153 with intel i5 7200u 940mx 2gb gddr5

Star II
I found a way to install nvidia's standart drivers, I will try it but most probably nvidia driver is not the issue, because the system is not using the gtx 1660ti on regular usage but it's RX Vega 10. And both gaming and regular use scenarios I have the problem. The last solution is sending the notebook to Asus Service.
Thanks again.

Zen Master I
Try it . But service person try to give advive to reset the windows .