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Entering symbols/using shift key does not work for bios password

Star I

I just reinstalled windows 10 on my ROG Zephyrus G GA502DU, and in the process finishing setup I put symbols, letters, and numbers into both the administrator and user password in bios. Now every time I would turn on my laptop, it would prompt me to enter bios password, I was able to get past the bios password field box* a couple of times. However I can no longer use the shift key to make symbols that I had in my password, I can still type letters like, a, b, c, etc... and numbers.

*The image above is the bios password field I am talking about

I can't log into any of my accounts, or even get past the bios password field box. Is there a way to type symbols into the bios password field?


Star I

Problem is resolved, solution for me is hard resetting.