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ZenWifi XD5 Nodes (3 pack), 2 nodes are detectable and 1 nodes cannot be found

Star I

Got a ZenWifi XD5 Nodes (3 pack), 2 nodes are detectable and 1 node cannot be detected. 

p.s, All connected to a ASUS GT AX6000 router

So all 3 nodes are in the same package, 2 can be detected via the ASUS app, 1 node can't be detected


Methods Tried but Failed

- Factory Reset the failing node

- Connected the Node (LAN/WAN) port to Router's Lan Port


Hope ASUS or anyone else out there could help 🙂


Rising Star II

There’s a review on Amazon, I did not catch it before but it is the XD4 model.  He called tech support and ended up factory resetting an RT-AX86U, using the XD4 as router, and RT-AX86U as a node.  (Luckily the USB still works on the AX86U in node mode).

If more and more people contact ASUS support about this I’d hope they’ll resolve it….

Can you add the 3rd/failed node as an Access Point, at least for the time being?

Rising Star II

Curious if you delete all three nodes from the AiMesh, factory reset all 3, connect all 3  WAN ports to LAN ports on the GT-AX6000 at the same time, perform an AiMesh node search.  Do all 3 XD5 appear?  (My 5 nodes, no ZenWiFi, are hardwired/connected via Ethernet backhaul and I prefer to just search and add/rebuild simply by factory resetting in place and then adding them one by one).

Star I

Thanks for the input, I dare not try since I was unlucky and tried the first defect node first and thought the remaining 2 nodes didn't work (thankfully they did)

I got the 2 nodes to work, while ASUS support tells me to bring all 3 nodes to their center for checking to see what the issue is