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RT-AX86S refuses to auto-retry to connect to main wifi whilst in repeater mode


I have a wireless router RT-AX86S, and I have successfully set it up in Repeater mode.

Everything works just perfectly fine, up until I turn off/power off the main router downstairs. 

To give some examples why I would like to turn the main router off:
- vacuming
- doing some modifications near the router
- power goes off in the entire house due to power provider issues from time to time (this is the kind of the sole reason I am making this post).

For the following scenario:
1. I turn off Main Router for 10 minutes
2. I turn on Main Router
3. Try to connect to Asus wifi router.

At step 3, it connects to the router, but not the internet. 
When i enter the router login page, i see that it failed to connect to the main router due to "wrong password"

It stops after 1 attempt and it refuses to retry connecting. 
Now, I need to reset repeater mode, re-enter my main wifi name, re-enter the main wifi password, re-put desired Assus wifi name & password for 2G and 5G. 
This is annoying af that i need to do these manual stepsvery often.

How can I make it auto-retry connection until it gets it?

To give explication of my expected outcome:
1. Do some magic setting (that idk which is)
2. AssusRouter gets set up successfully as repeater mode.
3. I unplug main router for a few minutes (10 minutes)
4. I plug main router back.
5. Assus Router, auto-retries connection, it succeeds and internet connection gets auto-reestablished.



Rising Star II

Just recently there is a firmware/BIOS released

Interestingly upon updating to the latest BIOS, ASUS specifically says to factory reset the router, then set it up (again) as a Repeater.  The BIOS description does not state it fixes your concern, but I am hoping it might.

In a power outage both router and ASUS would turn off, then when power returns both would turn on at the same time?  Does it not reconnect in this situation?  (I guess you’d need two people to try this).