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XT9 Wifi-lag

Star I

hello, i am using 2 XT9s as replacement for my AFM Fritz Mesh, as i plan to get rid of my FritzBox. Accesspointmode,  connection quality between  router and node  "great" but i realised that devices connected to the slave node have - despite an "ok" ping - terrible lags. smart lights switch on 0.5-2 sec after pushing the button, gaming experience is terrible (great ping, but laggy) and some devices get disconnected and need to reconnect if i try to access them. 

any idea whats going on ?


Edit: max transfer speed is fine



Hi @aurel81 ,

based on your issue, have you confirmed that the router and all devices have been updated to the latest firmware version? 

Have you verified that all devices are correctly connected and functioning properly? 

It's recommended to test one router connected to one node to check if the connection is stable.

What is your current WiFi frequency band set to? Have you tried testing on other frequency bands? 

You can also try resetting both the router and nodes to factory settings, then reconfigure them to see if the issue persists. 

[Wireless Router] How to reset the router to factory default setting? | Official Support | ASUS Glob...

Thank you.