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RT-AXE7800 only accepting 7 AI Mesh Nodes yet documentation says 9.

Star I

Hi, my ASUS router will only accept 7 mesh nodes. When I try to add an 8th it says that it can only add 9 and fails. Any idea why? I have just the one more to add but it wont let me. 



Hi @Boxpin ,

based on your question, when all AiMesh nodes are connected via wireless backhaul, it's recommended to add a maximum of 5 AiMesh routers (including the main router and AiMesh nodes) in the AiMesh system.

If your router is connected via Ethernet backhaul, you can add more routers. 

Have you confirmed that all added nodes support AiMesh functionality? 

Please refer to the FAQ for detailed node setup steps. 

[Wireless Router] How to setup ZenWiFi AiMesh system (Web GUI)? | Official Support | ASUS Global

What is AiMesh and AiMesh Router | ASUS

Additionally, please ensure that all routers and nodes have been updated to the latest firmware version. 

You can also conduct individual cross-testing to troubleshoot the issue. 

Thank you.