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Asus router app issues

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I have an issue with the asus router app for android. Using an iPhone works fine with connecting to the router, but the android does not find any devices to connect to.

both phones are connected to the same network. And I have done a hard reset on the router trying to re-install it with the android. When in the installation phase the router appears on the android but it fails to connect, where the iPhone instantly connects following the exact same steps.

proceeded to installing the router via computer, after a second reset, connected by cable instead. The android still does not connect to the router via the app while the iPhone does… updated router firmware and still nothing… I’m out of ideas, how about you guys?

not that it should matter, but the router is a RT-AC85P


Rising Star II

So after hard reset the routers are supposed to broadcast WiFi SSID ASUS_XX.  XX = last two characters of router MAC address.  If you manually connect to that WiFi it doesn’t work?

I don’t have that router, but can you link it to your Google account?  (Mine are tied to my Google account but I think there are two other options).  I can see them both on iOS and Android apps.

Tried to connect manually to the broadcasted network after reset, both the 2G and the 5G versions. Failed to connect due to error. I probably could connect the router to my account from the iPhone, have not yet tried that actually, mostly because I’m helping a friend with his setup, and I want it to work from his android without interference from my phone… but I’ll try tying the router to his account from my phone and see if he can connect after that, I’ll post my findings when I do 👍

I can’t bind the router to an account, at least not following the steps on asus tutorial. The button supposedly should be above “related apps” but it does not appear for me,  when logged in to an account and when not…

admittedly I’ve not done a reset this time, only connected to the router via the app and tried to bind it from there. Though that seems to be the way you are supposed to do it anyways, not requiring a reset… 


First off thank you (and your friend) for willingness to try to bind it to an account.

At the end of November I got a new ASUS router, and literally the night the day it arrived, ASUS published a BIOS update, which of course, I being me, quickly flashed, first line of which said something along these lines, (pardon if I don’t quote exactly):

Fixed Android 14 connection issue with WPA2.

It’s a different router, but I couldn’t help wonder whether it was a wider router line issue when you posted this concern.

As background I monitor 2 home networks on the app, and was hoping that you could set up the router, link it to an account, then gain access through the Android phone.  I have an Android phone that I also use the app to monitor, and I went to check it whether I could see both networks there.  Strangely it was still linked to the old router, and it (gratefully), seemed to fix that all by itself, deleted the old router (now node), and inserted in it’s place my newish router.  (See attached screenshot of iPhone app.  Those are routers running two different networks about 15 mi from each other)…

That said now that you’re having issues (finding) binding, I’m going to check out whether or not that specific model is account bindable…

The problem might have to do with enabling access from WAN, and the other possible concern setting up of DDNS, (access a DHCP assigned IP address network)…