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Trying to reuse old board

Star II

I have an old motherboard (b450m-c) and an Intel quad-port gigabit network card. It is PCIe x4. I have a samsung evo 1TB NVMe drive in the M.2_1 slot. The OS (and it seems the BIOS - I updated to the latest version available, 2021) doesn't see the card. I've tried tweaking settings in BIOS but there is honestly not much to configure. I think the only PCIe options were: Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, and Auto. I've verified the Intel card is good in a different motherboard. I've started looking at a riser card that would connect the other M.2 port to a PCIe x4 expansion slot. Is that the best option or have I missed something with configuring this? Thanks in advance!


Zen Master I

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