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Black screen after BIOS 3205 Update

Star I

I have a Z690-P. I ran a bios update that went properly through all the steps, but when it restarted the computer the screen never came back up and the power button flashes once every two seconds.

I have tried so far. Removing everything from the machine except the ram and the CPU. Still no video via the on-board video. The LED power light still flashes once every two seconds. I have tried flash recovery with several different USB drives, but nothing happens when I plug them in on boot.

I am at a loss what to try next or just assume my motherboard is hosed.



Hello, @drpuffypants 

Could you please confirm if you are currently using the PRIME Z690-P-CSM or the PRIME Z690-P D4-CSM?
When you mention the LED power light flashing, are you referring to the indicator light on the power button or elsewhere?
Have you tried removing the case and performing a bare-board test by only installing the CPU, RAM, and GPU, and does the issue persist?
If you attempt the BIOS update again, does it help resolve the issue?
Below are some FAQs related to the problem you described:
[Motherboard] How to update BIOS of the motherboard ?(Include different generation CPU)
[Motherboard] Troubleshooting - No Power/No Boot/No Display
If the above methods do not help you troubleshoot the issue, we recommend contacting your retailer or ASUS customer service for further assistance and arranging for a repair inspection.

Thank you.

It is the z690-p not the d4 nor csm.

Yes it is the power light when the case is hooked up.

Yes I did a bare test and still have no video. 

Since I have no video I cannot flash it again. Crashfree bios 3 does not work because it is not detecting corruption or I assume that is the case. 

My best theory is the video is not initializing even though I've tried three video cards and on board video.

Hello, @drpuffypants 

Thank you for confirming the current model.
Did the abnormality occur when updating to version 3205, released on April 27, 2022?
If the previously provided methods fail to resolve the issue, we recommend contacting the dealer or official customer service to arrange further diagnostic repair.

Thank you.

Yes it was 3205. Contacted support and crashfree bios doesn't work in this circumstance because it has to detect corruption and it didn't. They have issued an RMA. Crash free bios needs to be redesigned. There is no point to crash free bios if you cannot recover your BIOS.