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Black screen after BIOS 3205 Update

Star I

I have a Z690-P. I ran a bios update that went properly through all the steps, but when it restarted the computer the screen never came back up and the power button flashes once every two seconds.

I have tried so far. Removing everything from the machine except the ram and the CPU. Still no video via the on-board video. The LED power light still flashes once every two seconds. I have tried flash recovery with several different USB drives, but nothing happens when I plug them in on boot.

I am at a loss what to try next or just assume my motherboard is hosed.


Hello, @drpuffypants 

Thank you for your response.
Since you have already submitted it for repair, we recommend that you wait for the repair center's subsequent diagnosis or further assistance.
If you encounter any difficulties or concerns, please feel free to DM me with detailed context at any time.

Thank you.