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BaseBoard - Prime B250M-Plus

Star I

Hi: I have two computers - both with the Prime B250M-Plus board.  I understand they can be upgraded to run Windows 11.  Please advise how this should be done and the degree of difficulty.

That said, would I be better advised to buy new boards ready to go with Windows 11? If so, do you have a board with the same chip and instruction sets so that existing pheripherals can be used?

If not what board do you suggest to replace the Prime B250M-Plus?  It does not need to have all the same options.  It will be used for business purposes only.  (At age 83 I am starting to slow down!)

Best regards ... DavidNeville




Hello, @DavidNeville 

Thank you for reaching out to us.

According to the "Ready for Windows 11" motherboard classification, the PRIME B250M-PLUS is listed under the category "The following motherboards are compatible with Windows 11 under current testing. The upgradability is subject to support from the operation system or 3rd party driver availability."
We recommend that you try updating your system based on the instructions provided in the following FAQs:
[Motherboard] Which ASUS model supports Windows 11 and how to setup TPM 2.0 in BIOS?
[Windows 11] How to upgrade to Windows 11

Thank you.