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ZenScreen not enough power on the USB hub

Star I

When I connect the ZenScreen to my laptop it says "Not enough power on the USB hub, the hub does not have enough power to support the USB composite Device". Therefore the screen switches on and off for a few times then stays off. 

This is a new screen and I followed the proper instructions to download drivers. Can we have the one using the type C power and display cable because it doesn't have these issues. 



Hi @Bongani ,

Thank you for reaching out to us. To better assist you with your inquiry, could you please provide us with the model numbers of both your laptop and ZenScreen? Additionally, we would like to confirm if you are using the provided cable to connect the ZenScreen to your laptop. Have you attempted to cross-test with different cables to see if the issue persists?

If you haven't already, we recommend trying the included cable for the connection and checking if the problem remains. Your cooperation in providing this information is greatly appreciated, as it will help us pinpoint the issue and provide you with a more accurate solution. Thank you.