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ASUS Proart Display PA147CDV

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Unable to get display output when this monitor is connected to NXP i.MX8 QuadMax board through LVDS to HDMI connector.

We have installed Android OS on above mentioned evaluation board.

Are there any specific drivers for Linux based system that we need to install for this monitor display to work?

Monitor link: ProArt Display PA147CDV|Monitors|ASUS Global

Evaluation Board: i.MX 8QuadMax/QuadPlus Multisensory Enablement Kit | NXP Semiconductors



Hi @MayurSelukar ,

Regarding the PA147CDV, please note that it supports Windows systems and does not include Linux. We appreciate your understanding.

Regarding the issue of the monitor not displaying output when connected to the NXP i.MX8 QuadMax development board through an LVDS to HDMI adapter, could you kindly record a video demonstrating the problem for our reference?

Additionally, have you tried using alternative adapter cables or the ones provided by the manufacturer to check if the monitor can display content properly? Ensure that all drivers are up-to-date as well.

Thank you for your cooperation.