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Support extension for 3 years on Zenfones.

Community Legend II
Zenfones from 2018 and beyond should get 3 years of OS support with security patches.
Zenfone 5z - Android 11 with Zenui 6 or Zenui 7
Zenfone 6 - Android 12 with Zenui 7 or Zenui 8
Zenfone 7 - Android 13 With Zenui 8 or Zenui 9
Zenfone 8 series-Android 14 with Zenui 9 or Zenui 10.
Guys if you support this idea your votes are very much appreciated.
@Kris_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Christine_ASUS

Zen Master I
For this to happen, I believe Asus needs to focus on all departments. Only then they'll have enough funds to do all this. Asus is completely ignoring the budget segment which if managed properly can bring huge profit to Asus smartphone department. Even though Asus is a big company, I don't think they are having huge funds kept aside for running the smartphone business.
Lets demand Budget segment devices from Asus.

Star I
Android 11 update for asus zenfone 5z

Rising Star II
Android 12 for 6z

Rising Star II
Zenfone 7 pro: support 3 years is great. It can easily be longer ... 😉

Zen Master I
I'm with the idea of ZenUI 7 or Android 11 or both.
Please consider upgrading Asus phones to 3years of Major Android Updates.
5z has the biggest Flagship community in India. Don't ditch us. I want to say other's that see ASUS listens to their customers and cares a lot.