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Support extension for 3 years on Zenfones.

Community Legend II
Zenfones from 2018 and beyond should get 3 years of OS support with security patches.
Zenfone 5z - Android 11 with Zenui 6 or Zenui 7
Zenfone 6 - Android 12 with Zenui 7 or Zenui 8
Zenfone 7 - Android 13 With Zenui 8 or Zenui 9
Zenfone 8 series-Android 14 with Zenui 9 or Zenui 10.
Guys if you support this idea your votes are very much appreciated.
@Kris_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Christine_ASUS

Star I
Please for 5z for support till 3 years

Not a stock rom user. But i want & strongly favour the support for 5z with one more software upgrade & bring it to Android 11. This should be minimum what Asus must provide to a flagship series.

Zenfone 8 is coming & i am eyeing on that closely, probably i will get a higher variant as well. I am not throwing away my 5z ( this was my 6th Asus device including an Asus laptop) so considering the customer orientation and user requirements i highly suggest #Asus_India to wisely address the request.
Thanks. Cheers.

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As I have a 5Z, not only a 7 Pro, had n the past also 4 and a 6 - I am aware about the limitations for an extended software updates support, I went through that in the past with the ZenFone 4, where and when the OS upgrade to the latest was faulty, but also sometimes the Android OS it is not changing significantly from a year to another, some really major changes could be seen after 2 or 3 years and sometimes aren't so demanding considering the hardware. Anyways, it would be great if the support can be extended. Cheers!

Rising Star II
5z atleast deserves Android 11 or ZenUI7 for sure. And to be honest, I'll look forward for Asus phones only if they provide 3yrs of updates,otherwise No.