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Call recording files naming on Zenfone 8 after upgrade to Android 13

Star III

Please bring back the previous (A12) proven and logical way of naming recorded call files. This was the excellent way of naming. I chose Zenfone 8 mainly because it had the best call recording on the market built in. Why make something worse . Very often "better" is the enemy of good.


Star I

Absolutely - can anyone from ASUS answer, please?

The new naming of the call recordings files  really sucks and is not user-friendly at all (since the name of the file does not contain the date and the name or phone nr. of the contact that was called). It really disables the search for specific records and the makes the recorder fetaure (which has been great before) really useless.

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Yeh that's really sucks... Really harm in the good name and value of the great AZF8

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Yup this was an annoying change. I thought I finally found the perfect phone and I literally had 0 complaints. Now they broke this app, which is a big one for me 😑 I bought this phone solely because of this function and app. It's a great tool for my line of work. Now I have to back to manual renaming ☹️

There was nothing wrong with it before - WHY change it?

"If it ain't broke then don't try to fix it"

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I made 3,000 phone calls in 3 months, I can't keep 3,000 files on my cell phone and consult them only there, if I move them I lose the information.... unacceptable