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Improve blue light filter

Improve night light and make the slider get much higher intensity. I don't think the current max on the slider is good enough at all.

ROG 2 Call recording

Recorded calls reaches music folder which will get added to music list which will not be nice as it will be played while playing the audio. In earlier version there was call recording folder in root directory which was better.Further sorting the rec...

Asus rog phone should be a gaming phone

The idea comes with the output of the asus rog phone I have version 2 and among the things that I did through root is to modify certain things of it that give me a little more performance and less temperature when I play. 1.- I have realized that qua...

Zenfone 9 / 9 pro / 9 Ultra

Acho que seria uma boa ideia, o zenfone 9 com câmera normal, o 9 pro e ultra com Flip.Câmeras de 108mp ou 64mp, sendo 1 wide, 1 ultra-wide e 1 zoom de 3x ou 2x, tendo o limite de zoom 30x.Correção das câmeras, no quesito balanço de branco e exposição...

Z8: option for smaller photo files

I would like to be able to get smaller files for photos, as an option of course.Currently it's average of 4MB per file, but I would be happy with the quality offered by 1MB, 99% of times at least.It's wasting a lot of my cloud drive quota, and taking...

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Limite di Carica

Buongiorno,Vorrei che il limite di carica fosse aggiunto anche a telefono spento, visto che è la migliore modalità di carica.Grazie Mille.

Enhance smart key on Zenfone 8

Hello,I would like to add a new suggestion:1. Make search available in the smart key menu so it will be faster.2. Enable customizing of the battery system module by using the smart key. Ex. Enter/exit ultra durable? I think many people will like this...