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Bring back RGB!!!

I love the design of the Rog phone 3! It's a great phone and the upgrade to the rog phone 5 wasn't big enough to buy. I think the Rog phone 5 looks too generic, the tiny led screen on the back is lame and boring in my opinion. I want to have the big ...

Option to change status bar clock position

Hi Asus team, it would make the status bar look way better on the Zenfone 8 if we could move the clock to the right hand side (or centre). At the moment, it floats a little way in from the left side because of the selfie camera cutout. Please conside...

More usage of air trigger

air trigger on rog phones root/non root to do hotkey on pc. Eg mute discord with api.or enable audio scout mode (compress gun sound increases footstep ) . Play meme on obs. Enable voice changer and many other like a elgato stream decks for mobile and...

zxops47 by Rising Star I
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Change development team

8 months with the Rog 5None of these ideas were implementedFor a fix we have 2 new bugsWorse, for the 2nd time, no way to return to a Firmware without too many bugs (.86 for me) because this latest firmware (.226) is pushed despite the system configu...

FunBike31 by Community Legend I
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A Call of duty mobile live theme for rog5

Hi! It'd be great to have a call of duty focused live theme (just like the pubg new state one) even if it is a paid one for rog 5Also, loved the horseman theme (and many others)Thanks

Rog 5s clock screen.

The rog 5s clock screen is not adjustable. For some reason I really don't like how it's set up stacked two numbers on top of each other. It isn't how most of the world reads their clock. I submitted a pic from a old phone with the clock screen that l...


Расширение функции "Навигация системы"

Навигация с помощью жестов очень не удобно в некоторых приложениях (если не во всех). А именно - жест "вернуться назад". Этот жест по умолчанию надо провести от левого или правого края экрана, можно случайно закрыть приложение.Предлагаю добавить выбо...

dusya59 by Star I
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Asus zenfone 9 and 9 ultra

I think asus 9z should be in the same comfortable form factor as zenfone 8 with some minor tweak like ° dimensity 9000 with advance vapour cooling with addition of graphene layers to keep the processor cool for stable performance .° 4000 mah batt...