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WiFi problem, Error turning on wifi

Star I
I have a ZenfoneV A006 V520KL
When turning on the wifi, it tells me error,
I already format the factory phone, and follow the same error I can turn on the shared wi-fi zone

I am located in Venezuela, if someone can help me please

I have the same problem, I´m in Venezuela too, somebody has solver this fix

Star III
Stupid asus expects its users to keep doing factory reset for every issue that is reported and keep personalising the phone after every reset, as if we have nothing better to do. Asus......boooooooooooo

Star III
Hi fellas. That old model 2014 is far from the future, technologically speaking. It not even has support from Asus now in 2019. I recommend to buy a new one, but what about install a custom ROM? ^^

Star I
Am unable to turn on wifi on my Asus Zenfone A006.
Please what can I do to fix this problem?