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Now hotspot issue

Rising Star I
Hey there, @aamod.v8 @CH_ASUS @laura @Abhinav @amitgarde3 Now I started facing hotspot issue. I'm trying to connect it to my other phone. 5z is showing that hotspot is on. I cleared the cache, force stop the app, restarted the phone did the same step in both phones, still other phone & laptop is not detecting it. You guys are saying that this update is made the phone smoother then earlier then why the hell I'm facing all the issues? For your convenience I'm attaching the screenshot so that you can't blame me that other phone's software has prob because it is detecting the hotspots available. Check the time on both pics and atleast now you and your devs accept the software issues and resolve the all of the probs occurring after update. I have to work from home and if I can't use hotspot what should i do? If you call yourself mods or whatever then go and ask your devs to resolve it as quickly as possible. It's really getting out of limit. Daily facing a new issue. First of all you guys try to convince it a personal problem like rise in temperature or summer started. Then you try to convince it's a hardware problem just go and waste money coz devs don't want to work anymore, as i can think with your behaviour.
@CH_ASUS @laura @kikoly @Anders_ASUS @Kris_ASUS You guys are losing it. Your mods and devs are not taking the issues occurring seriously.


Rising Star I

Network problem is really a hardware problem and there are atleast 4/5 workaround available for it. We are also users who explored our device pretty well and helping others. We are not paid by asus or the people who post questions here. We are not expecting some praise letters but he has no right to be rude while replying. Its an electronic device and no device is perfect, he is literally posting so many things and we are trying to help him. If he cant be polite we have no need to deal with such idiots. Hope u understand. peace

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Dear brother,
I'm a well aware user too with some good knowledge about tech stuff.
And I did face some problems and when I complained about them in a discussion, and some people (user at you say) where sure it was a hardware issue without Knowing much which was later fixed with an update.

I have said this before to some people too, normally when a person buy's a phone and when he's / she is not on a beta version they don't wanna encounter into some unwanted problems. Cuz that's not what a reputable company will give to their customers.
If it happens sometimes it's understandable but If it happens again and again then people do get frustrated
I agree people shouldn't be impolite but they are just frustrated cuz of long waiting so u should keep that in mind too
But u r doing a great job brother helping other I really appreciate that and many others too
Thanks for all the help, and u too just try to be polite to those people.
We are all one community

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