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[Mod: BT manual fix inside] One critical bug after Zenfone 5z .36 update (January patch)

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Got .36 update with January patch today
Let's hope it has good battery optimisation (I'd atleast need a day to comment on this builds battery life)
System stability and the gestures feel much smoother now
There's one critical bug tho:
There's no audio through Bluetooth devices (through any multimedia app it's not limited to a particular app or headphone model)
So far i can confirm 4-5 people are suffering from this issue (including myself)on the telegram hub for Zenfone 5z users (as far as I know the audio only seems to work during calls) this is with Bluetooth only
I personally use my wired headphone mostly so not a big issue to me ? but it's indeed a priority concern for some users
Appreciate the adaptive brightness feature ported from Zenfone 6
Here's another feature request to be ported from Zenfone 6/Rog 2
The option to customise power buttons
This is from a Zenfone 6
I hope you guys will port the newer stuff Zenfone 6 and Rog 2 would get in future updates as all the devices are based on the same stock UI afterall
And maybe some camera related improvements in future 😄 (night mode *wink*)
Maybe Zen UI 7 based on android 10 (i know that's a far fetched dream lol)

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I'm also facing this "Bluetooth Connection No sound Issue" . When I tried to Connect with My Bluetooth Speaker "Logitech X50" it got paired successfully but Audio From Bluetooth Speaker was not coming. And I also saw when my phone was connected to my Bluetooth Speaker Video playing from MX Player was lagging. This video playing lag is not limited to MX Player only.
The Video lag got solved when I disconnected my Bluetooth Speaker. Some time even though I connect my Phone to Bluetooth Speaker sound still comes out from Mobile Speakers (I'm facing this sometime). @CH_ASUS

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Same issue here. No audio when paired to my bluetooth earphones.

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Thanks, we've reported it.

Community Legend II

Thanks, we've reported it.

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@CH_ASUS thanksalot sir for your quick appreciative response in this new forum you are the only one who respond to our problems and help us out with solutions hope to keep this same support ongoing for 5Z you are awsme sir ❤️??

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Thanks, we've reported it.

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For the auto mode please revert back low value of shutter speed to 1/4 instead of 1/10. it will be helpful for low lights photos. I know 5z is not getting night mode but 1/4 shutter speed in auto mode can do wonders. Also some distortion is faced in HI res sound on poweramp. please see into it @CH_ASUS