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[Mod: BT manual fix inside] One critical bug after Zenfone 5z .36 update (January patch)

Community Legend I
Got .36 update with January patch today
Let's hope it has good battery optimisation (I'd atleast need a day to comment on this builds battery life)
System stability and the gestures feel much smoother now
There's one critical bug tho:
There's no audio through Bluetooth devices (through any multimedia app it's not limited to a particular app or headphone model)
So far i can confirm 4-5 people are suffering from this issue (including myself)on the telegram hub for Zenfone 5z users (as far as I know the audio only seems to work during calls) this is with Bluetooth only
I personally use my wired headphone mostly so not a big issue to me ? but it's indeed a priority concern for some users
Appreciate the adaptive brightness feature ported from Zenfone 6
Here's another feature request to be ported from Zenfone 6/Rog 2
The option to customise power buttons
This is from a Zenfone 6
I hope you guys will port the newer stuff Zenfone 6 and Rog 2 would get in future updates as all the devices are based on the same stock UI afterall
And maybe some camera related improvements in future 😄 (night mode *wink*)
Maybe Zen UI 7 based on android 10 (i know that's a far fetched dream lol)

Star II
It's working by me after the FOTA this morning, just as it has worked before

Rising Star II
I always used to listen music through Bluetooth, please fix it ASAP.

Same here Bluetooth is not working, i also have AptX BT headphone... No audio is playing...
I always use BT headphone, please fix it ASAP....

Star III
Assus has removed .36 update information from release notes.

Accent color is not working... I have been checking since Dec Android10 update, still not fixed in January update...