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List of Requested Features ROG Phone (Updated)

Rising Star II
Request Feature
1. Bass control in the audiowizard app and a option to disable audio wizard.
2. lower brightness when the brightness is set to low.
3. 960 FPS feature for the camera.
4. More patch updates for a secure system.
5. A option when you turn of GPS it make a switch form high accurate to Battery saving.
6. More game genie features like game scaling to 720 or a different resolutions or to use games at full screen when they not supported.
7. Dark UI Theme (as default theme)
8. Open Beta Rom for more feedback and faster Stable Rom
9. Screen recorder with fixed frame rate like 30 or 60 FPS.
The reason why fixed frame rate recording is to avoid weird uncontrollable fps uploads like 1080p 48fps example and easy for playback using social media Apps.
A Option that the record button not appear in the video.
10. A clean always on display with audio control when listen to music.
11. Screenshot button and a screenrecord button as a navigation button for easy recording or taking screenshots.
12. A Weekly Open beta. That will be updated every Friday with software tweaks and new features.
13. Android Pie Update. (3rd Quarter of 2019) 
14. Apps pinning in the recent app switch. (Already added)
15. Full dark theme (Black theme not grey) Helps with less battery usage
16. Redownload Update button in the update menu.
The reason why is that it will make it easy to update phone when the update fails or reinstall the update to fix some bugs.
17. New Gaming space like the one from Nubia or the backshark.
18. Build in Screen recorder that can used in all apps.
19. ZenUI 6.0 stock with some gaming features
20. Video calling will playing a game PIP mode.
List will be updated soon with more ideas.
Feel free to share yours so we can make 1 post of it.