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Please enable google camera in june update?So many are requesting for it. Why dont you look into that?@Anders_ASUS

Android Q beta 5 for 5Z

Hey Asus, we're glad that you enrolled Android Q beta program for Zenfone 5z and released Q beta 3 which had a many issues. it's ok since it's in beta. but why didn't you release Q beta 4??I was waiting for Q beta 4 to test it out but You Haven't rel...

Asus Zenfone max pro m1

After pie update the speaker and battery quality is very bad ,asus is found a terrible job providing updates when compared with other phones

Max Pro M1 affected by the Android Pie Bugs !

 My Asus Max pro M1 repeattedly shutting down or restarting even during charging after pie updated v.9.0 by May, 2019. Even customer care people could nt solve the issue even after the software reboot or reinstall at their center .. so what to do ? 

Network bug in sending max pro m1

In which year you are going to fix zenfone max pro m1 network bug because of which we got unstable network ping while  playing pubg?? In year 2050?