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ARcore support for Asus Zenfone 5z

Rising Star II
It's shame that every 2018-2019 mid-range smartphones have AR core support but the Asus Zenfone 5z which is a 2018 flagship doesn't have AR core support. Now without ARcore support we cannot get AR navigation in Google maps, 3D animated AR model in Google search and playground support in Google camera (ported) I don't know why Asus isn't responding regarding this!? 
see this list:
even mid-range (15k₹-20k₹) smartphones have ARcore support.
I don't know what makes you that not providing the AR core support.
I really really hope ARcore support for 5z soon atleast with a android Q. 

Hall of Fame III
We know this is important for some people and it might be that we ad this functionality to the 5z at some time but at the moment, we have to prioritize other things with the people we have.

Rising Star II
Anders what are these 'other' things??the things we need are- 
Smooth UI animations like one plus ,xiomi and Zen UI 6
We need navigation gestures like iOS or at least like one plus or oppo
We need a snappy feeling in our software
We need bug fixes like network 
And the most important is the heating issue it needs to be fixed 
Now can u provide these things ?
From all Zenfone 5z users 
We need these things and not just a security patch updates
Thank u

Star III
Yeah i would also wanna know what are those OTHER things because we are just getting security patch and nothing more not even bug fixes .  This asus launcher tells the story

Rising Star II
Need a answer Anders ?