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ROG 1 flashlight not working

After Android 9 update the flashlight button in the pulldown dose not work. The light works for the flash on the camera. Just not when you try to turn it on from the pulldown. Help!!!!

zenfone 5z randomly reboots and crashes after A10 update

Hi, i have problems with my zenfone 5z. Some days after update to Android 10, mobile crash during vide playback. Then, it was not possible to power on phone. After cca 10 hours, i tried power on again and mobile started normaly. So i did factory rese...


Vowifi feature in Zenfone 5z

Android 10 update for ROG 2

Hi Team,I want to know about Android 10 update for ROG 2, is anyone know when it will be rolled out for ASUS ROG PHONE 2.

Native camera takes time to take a photo on ZB634KL

The native camera takes about 5 seconds to take a photo (and sometimes the photo is not saved), compared to third party camera like footej camera and gcam, snapshots in other apps are instant

Matheus by Rising Star I
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Cache Partition

How to clear cache partition in zenfone 5z running on android 10. @Kris_ASUS @laura @aamod.v8 @CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @TITAN

Guri27 by Rising Star I
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December 2019 security patch

Is Asus gonna release December 2019 security patch for zenfone 5z? expecting the security update as soon as possible since there are some bugs related to battery performance after android q update that should be fixed and Samsung note series have a...

Shinu by Star I
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ZenFone 3 max not updating

Why is my phone not updating ? I tried updating it manually and after copying the downloaded firmware zip to the root of the internal storage there is no update file notification. Please help