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Check Reconditioned Statue (New or Refurbished)

I was trying to find a manual way to check the *Reconditioned Status" of "Zenfone 5z".I talked to the Asus support using chat option, but it wasn't much helpful as they failed to provide me with a manual process to check the "Reconditioned status" by...

Android 10 Bugs Asus 5Z

I have a lot of bugs after i installed Android 10the apps closed suddenly the Bluetooth doesn't work goodthe network connection doesn't work goodthe camera doesn't work good

Regarding Updates

I wanted to buy ROG 2 so any one can tell me how many years there will be software support from Asus team and how many major updates does the phone gets.@LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @kikoly @Mister sorry for tagging all of you but I was in a hurry ...

Update problems

First off you guys have it blocked so I can't pick ROG 1. The main thing I'm here for it since I got Android 9 update now my flash light does not work from the pull down, and I get dropped calls I'll have perfect service never had a drop call before ...

Give WiFi Calling Support for Asus 5z

Hey Asus,Plz kindly provide asus 5z with WiFi calling support cause the carriers in India have launched and even the 5z has network issues. So enabling this feature will be quite help full. Asus zenfone max has this feature I think 5z being a flagshi...

Blurry and black texts on lock screen (Max Pro M1)

I'm having a hard time with my lock screen because it shows a blurry picture and black texts making it hard for me to read notifications. The only way I know to fix it is to have the same wallpaper on both the home screen and lock screen. I have a Z...

Problem in fast charging icon

Agr meri cable charging pr lgane k baad fast charging ki jgh only charge kr rhi bhi ho tb bhi icon chnge ni hota n ye chiz baaki phones me ni.Means ek baar charging show krne k baad agr hilkr chrge slow ho tb bhi icon ni chnge hotaThank You !

huent99 by Star I
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