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Battery draining issue and camera performance.

Star I
I am facing more problem on battery draining issue. Because I was not using phone for any other functions due to this. Because I won't carry charger along with me that's the main reason. If the battery life will be better I will also be more happy to use the mobile. Please fix this. And camera performance I won't say it was worse but you guys really make the camera performance will be more better with your updates. By giving updates mobile will also ran fast and it will give us better faith in you. By giving updates we think that you guys are giving your better efforts to make your customers happy. Some small problems are there but I won't care because I like to purchase this mobile after I listened to those problems. So I won't mention them. Please fix this problems soon. And the main thing that I have to say is that you are watching the problems only on your recent mobiles. Because I opened the zentalk. Mainly there are two mobiles one Asus 6 and another one is rog phone.those two are the only mobiles launches by you. Please make a on all your mobiles. Better that could make you guys doing your work sincerely and perfectly with all your efforts to make your mobiles beasts compared to other compitents in front of you. You guys only don't fear always give that fear to your compitents also that could make you feel you are the one.

Zen Master I
ROG Phone 2 could last for a long time.