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ARcore support

We really need ARCore support for asus zenfone 5z, all the competition have got it, we also need it! please it'd be really amazing if you can forward this to developers, addition of ARCore would be great

Ability to zoom in potrait mode

Hey @CH_ASUS ..In Zenfone 5z We cannot zoom when we are in potrait mode..However if we open beauty mode before going into potrait mode..We can zoom and it really works very well..

suhitkar by Rising Star I
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Since AR is becoming more and more popular these day, i'd like to know if there is any plan for supporting the Zenfone 5/5z with ARCore. We have recommended this in the Idea for next section and discussion forum of the old Zentalk for quite some time...

ZenTalk - new and old

I can not understand the necessity of having two forums that are not even old and new versions of the existing ZenTalk, but completely different. Even my profile in the new forum is different from the old forum account and can not be edited, modified...

Sound Quality after upgrading Zenfone 5z

Recently I upgraded to the latest ZS620KL_WW_90.11.162.58 and the sound quality got even worse! It wasn't great to begin with, the Audio Wizard is perhaps the worst audio effects tool I've worked with. I'm using Creative ONE Bluetooth headphones on t...

Dimitri by Star I
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Idea for Next Section

It will be btr if the idea for next is shifted here soon from.older Zentalk..People here have lots of suggestions for betterment of Zenfone 6

suhitkar by Rising Star I
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Heating issue while charging and gaming after pie

After pie update phone is getting too much heated while charging and gaming . This problem came after Android p update and I am sure it's not only in my phone. Pls DONt say to boot in safe mode or reset or latest update as I did everything.  PLS SOLV...

HDR mode on

While watching youtube yesterday a notification 'HDR mode turned on' popped up briefly (Could not read it properly), Can someone explain?

aamod_v8 by Zen Master I
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Software Support of The ROG Phone

Will The ROG phone skip Android P and going updating the phone straight to Android Q?Do you think its a smart move to go straight to Android Q or do we really need a unstable android P like the other Zenfones.

Koudmaker by Rising Star I
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