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Audio level issue in .72 update

Rising Star II
@CH_ASUS audiowizard equaliser again created issue in .72 update (Zenfone 5z) ? (downloaded full ROM of .72)
Updated to .72 today and Asus solved audio distortion(crackling) issue when third party equaliser is turned on is solved but when I'm listening through Poweramp or Gaana with custom equaliser the audiowizard audio level from 1 to 6 are same I can feel the Change of audio level from level 7 did clear storage, disabled and enabled audiowizard but didn't solve?
It doesn't even change bass, treble level when I manually change it... 


Rising Star II
In simple words, while listening through Zen ear pro earphones.
 NO DVC off: vol 1-6 useless, bass and treble won't until it is set above 50%.
No DVC on: It solves the problem but it won't boost the audio like no DVC off.