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I do not got 24th may pie updateIs it available or not?

May Months update

i have not received may month    update   my  phone . but I do not manual . Roll out .. ? Start date 

Asus Zenfone max pro 1

Regarding my Go2pay app is not working. My money stuck in the app. Unable to pay bills ..

Zenfone max pro M1 android P

I have got an official update of Android P. After using for about 15 days, I found many minor bugs like brightness issue, stuck in quick stab. , Some apps are not responding, we can not play PUBG in HD quality, etc.Please fix these issues in next pat...

5z network issue

Hi guys, i have been facing network issues on my phone for the past 3-4 days. if i put the sim sim in another phone i i get network but not on the 5z. Is anyone else facing the same issue. If yes how did you resolve it?

When New Zentalk Release for Zenfans from Indonesia?

I see this announcement,What happen with All Thread on Old Zentalk When New Zentalk release?All Thread will deleted soon or not?I love UI and UX this New Zentalk Forum, i hope New Zentalk can release in Indonesia Region Very Soon 

Image_ https___us.v-cdn.net_6031231_uploads_editor_mh_1x5hoifwd39b.png

4G+ only feature request

@CH_ASUS When I turn on mobile data 4G+ will be on but it changes to 4G automatically causing low speed internet and network distraction...It is difficult to download when it auto changes to 4G because the download gets slowed down sometimes stops .I...