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Asus Zenfone 5z upgrade ??

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users still waiting proper updates ans upgrades update for camera , system & UI on zenfone 5z ..

; asus developers/ tech supports..
kindly provide update and timeline for
1. camera update with quality , more features
2. zen ui 6 release ETA to asus 5z ?
3. android 10 release timeline for asus 5z ?



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hummm a very hopeless and a very promising 100% problems you will have if you were to buy an assuz zenfone. have used 3 diff versions of the zenfone already all have the same issue. it cann be trust.

Never never never buy an assua zenfone again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-over heating

-phone keep on restarting

-phone cannot start

-camera issue

-cannot answer call

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As a 5z user no any above problem has been seen here i think ur device needs attention in service centre also those are meant for ur problems to get resolved atleast go 1 nce and see service centres are always happy to help u
5z is great device in terms of performance,smoothness,stability ,camera
Plz dont simply shout and target ASUS without troubleshooting
Its ur choice for future purchases but for now service centre is the only one to make u a happy user again 😜

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lol dude.........................., am honest with my reviews, i used to have the previous 2 models and also a zenfon 5. they used to be my favorite brand because of big LCD.
they all work fine when new. but when warranty finished they away give the SAME SAME SAME SAME SAME issues after that.

By the way I bought them all BRAND NEW from assus shop with full proof and print out. Those phone are NOT expensive...................................dude...................and no reason for you to get a second hand.

I am true and honest with my reviews, and I am just trying to help up people work so hard and save money to buy the correct phone


None of these problem exist. Please dont spread mis-information. If you purchased a refurbished unit dont blame asus.

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Asus shops? These phones are not a available offline.